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Building a Brand,

building our business

CYCLR is at the beginning of a great adventure.

We have a great product and now want to prepare it for

production and successful market introduction.

Are you an ambitious professional with an interest

in innovative and sustainable mobility solutions?

Feel free to contact us. We are looking for: 

Developing CYCLR's products:

Industrial Design Engineers


Are you a Degreed Design Engineer in Automotive/

Bicycle engineering, Mechanical engineering, Manufacturing

and/or Industrial Engineering with the following skills:

- Excellent Solidworks modeling and detailing skills

- Bicycle Manufacturing Knowledge

- Relevant Material Knowledge

- Mastering validation, testing techniques

-A moderate amount of independent thinking 

- Good communications skills

If so, feel free to contact us:


Leading CYCLR:

Entrepreneuer & Startup CEO


Are you a sharp, entrepreneurial, and extremely driven individual

that will act as CEO building and leading a team to push the

direction of CYCLR?


If so, you will be responsible for the plan, strategy, build,

marketing, launch, and ongoing leadership of the CYCLR company 

with focus on the 6 key aspects of leading a

Start-up: cash flow management, product vision & development, teambuilding, investor management, Brand development & management, and corporate development. 

Do you:

- Have experience in the bicycle / automotive / Sustainable

mobility business and wish to assist others in getting their ideas

for the CYCLR company off the ground?

- Come from a business or entrepreneurial background?

Find the challenge of leading a great product idea to be

developed into a successful market introduction irresistible?

If so, feel free to contact us:

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